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About us The Conversio-Group offers innovative solutions in areas of power supply- central and decentral, for private, industrial and commercial purposes. We supervise your project from the first draft up to the finished plant. Our goals for each project are highest profitability, use of innovation and advanced technology and energy independence for all clients; whether private or industrial investors. Renewable Energy offers all this!
Advantages Your own power supply is not only environmentally friendly but also… Independent Cost effective Reliable- eliminates the risks of load shedding and power cuts A safe investment option for the future And a lot more We guarantee you: Vast experience in several countries Personalized guidance A reliable partner in economic and technical matters Simple and easy implementation Use of the latest technology And a lot more References Our team members don’t only have technical knowledge but also economic and cultural knowledge of the countries we operate in. Our know-how results from vast experience of team members in different countries. The team consists of experts specializing in various fields of renewable energy. Each of our experts successfully completed numerous projects throughout their careers.
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Enterprise Name:             Conversio Africa Energy (Pty) Ltd

Enterprise Type:               Private Company

Registration Number:    2015 / 069956 / 07

Enterprise Status:            In Business

Director:                                Daniel Hofer

TAX Number:                       9227465193

Address:                                 East View Road 200 | 4051 Durban North

                                                    Kwazulu Natal | South Africa

Phone Number:                 +27 76 6015690

E-mail:                                     office@conversioafrica.com

Website:                                 www.conversioafrica.com

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